About the artist

Life has taught Jacqueline (AKA Jax), lots and lots of things. From having lived on 3 continents to being wheelchair-bound for 5 years to working with animals and pets. She pours all this experience into her art and photography.

Mainly self-taught, she’s recently been mentored by one of Canada’s top artists, Gordon Harrison, and had the opportunity of exhibiting her work in the prestigious Gordon Harrison Gallery in Ottawa for the apprentice show.

She’s won tons of awards including the Canada 150 Award, has exhibited at 3 top-tier galleries in the UK and in Canada.

But Jacqueline believes art can change people’s lives. That’s why she invests much of her time and her talent to blessing those that need help – her first fundraising book raised money for National Service Dogs and can be found on amazon

It was during writing of her 2nd book that she discovered her life’s purpose. Because of the ever increasing need for mental health service dogs, Jacqueline decided to become the founder of her own charity, Partners with Paws. inc.

Is it any wonder that everyone loves Jacqueline!

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