Cooperslane Legacy

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Tell your story and create a legacy!

Through the years Valerie and Brian have been raising and breeding Labradors with just the right spices to make not only stunningly handsome/beautiful dogs but also dogs with the perfect and most versatile temperaments.

Whether your Cooperslane pup is a service dog or a valued family member I am sure you have a tale to tell that makes you pee-your-pants laugh out loud or tear up like peeling onions. Either way these pups have given us an adventure that we can share, a story that in the long run has made us better and more whole. Here’s your opportunity to have your special story included in a book which will fund Cooperslane dog as a service dog.

We will dedicate the book to Valerie and Brian, a wonderful legacy of all the beautiful dogs that have made our lives better.

Something we can reach for on a rainy day and flip through, something to make us smile and become nostalgic.

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