Landscapes have always inspired me to paint and I have been lucky enough to travel across the world experiencing a variety of spectacular scenes. I recently became a Canadian Citizen and it has impacted my art greatly. I am so proud of my new home, I feel it my duty to portray the beauty and freedom of this great country as seen through the fresh eyes of a new Canadian.

I very rarely paint on location because I am usually out walking with my very active Labrador Samson, so I usually take photographs and translate them to larger works in my studio. Painting has always been a spiritual response of my faith, a sign of gratitude to what God has made for me to enjoy. So I strive in my paintings to give the viewer a window into the hope and beauty that is always around us if we tune out the busyness that is an epidemic today.

I produce a number of smaller studies in India ink first and then watercolour. The final work is almost always in Acrylic. My work is bold and vibrant and has been said to have a Group of Seven feel to it.