How much does it cost?

A photoshoot is $125 and you will receive 5 stunning photos in jpeg format for you to print at your choice of printers. These files have no restrictions as long as you’re not printing to claim credit or profit. There can be variations in printer quality, so I will recommend a preferred printer.

What are the benefits to printing your own prints?

  1. You can use your photos as advertising for your business or business cards
  2. Christmas cards
  3. You have control of price and size of your final artwork

Where will it take place?

You know your pup best, so choose a spot where they will be natural and comfortable. I shoot on the location of your choice but additional costs may be incurred if it is outside the Tri-city (kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge) limits.

For days when the weather is unpredictable, I do offer the option of a studio session which is located in the Breslau area. For businesses, vet practices or training schools I have the capability of moving my studio to your location.

Am I allowed humans and multiple pets?

I love to capture the bond between humans and their fur-babies. Multiple pets are welcomed but will eat into your 1 hour slot which will also effect how many images you end up with. It might be worth while to book a double slot for multiple pets.

What should I bring?

If you plan to be in the photos then obviously come prepared. Bring lots of your dogs favorite treats.

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