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Various sizes and options are available:

12 by 12 = $150

11 by 14 = $170

12 by 16 – $250

To save framing costs add resin for an extra $3 per square inch + cost of the wood panel

Paintings must be displayed under glass and so if you decide the resin option is not for you, the painting will need to be framed.

Gift vouchers are available for purchase.

What’s involved

Step 1 – “Say cheese”

The first step is for me to meet your pup and take photos. I usually draw from my own photos, this gives me the opportunity to get to know and fall in love with your dog. I usually spend between 1-2 hours taking the photos. All photos taken will be made available to you as part of the art work and I use Dropbox to get them to you. Your pup will have a lot of fun at the photo shoot because there’ll be lots and lots of treats.

If your beloved pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, it is possible for me to work from photos you have taken. I will do a thorough consultation to help me understand your pups personality.

Step 2 – Committing to a photo

I go home and look at the photos and choose the top five which inspire me as the artist and which I think portray your beloved pooches personality. I’ll send you a link to the dropbox and I’ll e-mail you the top 5. Together we agree on the best one to proceed with.

Step 3 – Let the water flow

This is when I now go away and spend some quality time starting into your fur babies eyes. From this point on you won’t hear much from me. This part of the process takes roughly 10 hours but between teaching and my other commitments those 10 hours are not necessarily consecutive. Depending on my other commitments this step can take between 1 or 2 months, but I will advise once the photo has been selected.

Step 4 – Delivery woohooo

I’ll arrange with you a delivery. Your painting if you choose the resin option will come ready to hang. If not you will need to purchase a frame as the painting must be under glass.

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